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if the husband is infected and the wife is negative, however, this wife is pregnanet.

May i know what is the percentage (1/???) for the wife and the baby to be infected?

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for wife 2N/1000. N - number of unprotucted sex leads pregnency

for kid much much less without treatment with treatment during last months of pregnency close to zero.

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If the wife is pregnant and negative.. dere's no chance she can pass it to unborn child. Offcourse she needs to take care of herself by not engaging into unprotected sex (% exw has explained above.)
If somehow the wife contracts HIV during her pregnancy. There are medicines available which prevent HIV from passing to the unborn babies.
Note: This info is from documentary i watched on TV.
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The original polser says wife was negative befor pregnency. S/He worry about getting infected while do sex which leads pregnency.

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M sorry i interpreted it wrong.
In dat case exw has answered all ur concerns.
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The main thing is contact your OBGYN and have a consultation. They will advise you of all the testing that will be needed to be done.
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Thanks everyone for your kind replies.

In fact, i have viewed and posted my exposure here and doctor's forum and had some replies from mike, teak and others. All saying that my exposure ( December 2006 - unproteced oral receiver with a pink dots on penise and protected sex from a massager SW) is a very low risk exposure.

5 months later, my wife went for pregnancy hiv bood test. Thank god, she is neg and i tot that based on that result i was free too. However, I visted a lot of  web site ahproved that i was worng.

hiv is transmitted through oral sex and i can based on that result to
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