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protected w/ CSW but still got chlamydia

I have searched the forum, but still decided to post to attempt to alleviate my fears and anxiety. I had protected sex with a CSW. Afterwards, the condom was still intact, but the CSW may have been menstruating, as there was blood on the condom. I came home and was diagnosed with chlamydia after showing symptoms. Since I still contracted chlamydia while having protected sex, is there a fair chance that I may have contracted HIV or other STIs as well? I plan to get tested soon, but I'd like to hear other's thoughts in the meantime.

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NO RISK at all for HIV infection.
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Well sorry for jumping into someone elses thread but

How can chlamydia get thru condom and still no risk of HIV ?
I'm scared now
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This is an HIV specific forum, I suggest you to take your query to the STD forum, I am sure you will get a better insight there.
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You can't get chlamydia through condom-protected sex.
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He must of had it long before this protected event.
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Nope - tested clean about a month prior and had no other sexual contact - it was through this event. Does this indicate I have an increased chance of contracting something else?
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No Risk for HIV Infection. Ask the other questions in the STD forum as they know much more about them there.

As for HIV you are fine
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I agree, it is impossible to contract chlamydia through condom-protected sex when the condom is used correctly and doesn't break. To answer your question- NO- you can't catch HIV through condom-protected sex when the condom is used correctly and doesn't break, just like you can't catch chlamydia or gonorrhea through condom-protected sex.
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I went through your exact situation a while back. I got something while wearing a condom, my doc just gave cipro did not know what it was. But no hiv. Bacterias are a lot easier to get. Listen to Nick. No I am in trouble for something else.
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