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question about hiv .

if someone have unprotected sex with hiv person .
how many time sex intercourse will make another person become hiv ?

it's just question that i want to know . i did search from google but not found any answer .

i alway use condom during sex and still worry about it .

      thank you .
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Don't have unprotected sex with anyone unless you have both been tested and are in a monogamist relationship. You may get infect on your first exposure or your hundredth exposure. It would be like playing Russian roulette.
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  i read from cdc and another doctor and thay said rist of hiv is 1 in 2000 sex act with condom or without condom .

  sir can you explain me ?
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Are you going to end up 1 or 2000? Just don't have unprotected sex.
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  thank for answer .
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i cannot live with this anxiety . i try to forget about hiv . but anxiety and stress attack me everyday . if i go for test i will feel better . i used condom all time but i still worry about experience like small cut open wound on penis during sex .

  should i go for test ? i scare about test .
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If you use a condom then you had no risk.
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  ok thank for answer .

  tell me how to stop anxiety and stress . when i go out or stay at home everybody think that i'm crazy .  because my face look so sad .
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Seek a therapist.
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  i will go for test . know status feel better than this situation .

  before i go for test i will search for hospital and doctor for hiv treatment .
i will do it in singapore . i really want to get treatment in usa but it's too far from asia and it's hard to get us visa and i don't know hospital in usa accept foriegner or not . i'm not american .

  need some advise .
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Treatment for what? YOU HAD NO RISK.
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  i have one more question .

  what's different quality of latex condom between made in developed country and developing country ? are they offer same prevention ?

  i stay in cambodia and i don't know how much their latex condom prevent hiv and another std . but i know they import latex condom from malaysia .
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What condom did u use?
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  its name number 1 . i think you don't know this brand it made in malaysia but it's not using in malaysia . sometime i used okamoto made in japan but it made by sheerlon .
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