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question about hiv

I had sex with a random women and used protection (i was high) about 5 months ago not sure if condom was old or broke, i asked her if she was clean she said yes.. a month later I got really sick don't know if It was the flu or food poisoning went to the er to get checked out they said I was fine also went to planned parenthood and test came back negative.. around the 4 month mark I developed a cough that won't go away is there anyone who can talk to me
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You would of known if the condom broke. Protected sex is zero risk for HIV.
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Your hiv free. Dry cough has many possible causes, bacteria or flu virus etc. In terms of cough and hiv, it's caused by tbc. In many cases the body can fight tbc but with hiv it could not be fighted by immuun system. But if that was the case it's only in late hiv stage so not in a few month. Don't use symptoms as indication, test will overrule symptom and proofs it has a different cause.
What about cold chills
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