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question on hiv rash

hey guys well i just had a question regarding hiv rash,  i have the following questions, if you guys can help meplease i would much apreciate it thank you.
after exposure when does the rash happen?

how long would the rash be?

does the rash come on by its self or does it come with a fever?

4 does it leave any scars like acne?
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teak, lizzie, jean claude i need youre knowledge freinds, please help me thank you.
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sorry bro its just that a month ago i notice what seems to be acne of some sort and has been on my back and not gone and well im trying to educate myself on this. thas why i had those questions? sorry that im being so persistant its just im so nervous bro please educate me on this bro. thank you.
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If one was to have ARS it would happen along with a lot of other symptoms 2-4 weeks post exposure and last from 1-2 weeks then it will be gone. The rash with ARS does not look like acne and doesn't leave scars. At no time were you ever at risk of contracting HIV.
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thank you brother for youre knowledgable words and youre kindness, i really apreciate you taking youre time and going over this with me teak, well i get my results today at 2:15pm very anxious to know my results brother. i hope evrey thing goes good. since i joined this forum your self, lizzie, jean claude and others have been there for me answearing my questions no matter how persistant, thank you brother. god bless you,lizzie and others. my prayers be with you always freind.
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