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question regaring HIV and symptoms

i know that symptoms are not a good indicator...but my question is, how long does HIV fever usually last?

i did have a fever twice in the past 3 years that lasted about 3 days at most, and a sore/strep throat with it, which after it disappeared i had cough for another week or so with no other symptoms? (maybe bronchitis)?.

my exposures include a few episodes of unprotected oral sex 2-3 years ago from women who's status im not sure about. the one that worries me the most is this one time i met a girl at a club, we went home and i fingered her, and realized she was on her period, so i had blood on my fingers, i dont recall any open cuts, but i think i may have had peeling skin near my nails (which most people usually do have, im not sure if it was an open sore or not though).
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irrational fear. nothing to worry about. Get tested today and settle your mind!
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do u have an answer to my q ? :)
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but it cannot be considered as fresh open sore...  no way for blood transmission

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