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rapid hiv test. Concerned. Tongue thrush

iam 27 years old male. I had protected vaginal intercourse with a woman (unknown hiv status) exactly 9 weeks ago. we had sex 3 times (all protected) in the same night.

But now i have developed a thrush in my tongue, white coat (confirmed by medical professional).  No other symptoms exists so far. Dr. Checked me for swollen lymph nodes. Everything was fine. Dr. was surprised how did I developed thrush since it's not normal and seemed concerned about hiv. Tongue thrush still exists after 5 days. Dr. prescribed me nystatin.

I did a rapid hiv 1/2 test (finger prick) at a health center and the result came negative.

How conclusive is 9 weeks rapid hiv test? or was it too early to detect antibodies?  Should I repeat the test at 12 week again? Am I at risk?
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You never had an exposure to HIV.
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You had protected sex, so you are protected. Period. Condoms provide 100% protection against HIV if do not fail.

White patch on the tongue alone is not an ARS sysmptom. Your test will always come negative because your exposure did not exist. You do not need a test
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Thank you for your reply guys. I called the girl who i had sex with and asked her to go get tested for hiv ( i told her i will pay), she agreed but slowly started ignoring me and now her ph is disconnected. So it makes me things she has something to hide.

Even though I had protected sex, first time when i ejaculated i was still inside her( with condom). and when i went to restroom to take off my condom , my entire penis was wet. Idk if it's from my own semen or somehow her fluid got all over my penis through condom. I don't think there was a tear. I used a latex condom.

should i still get tested ? I don't have any other symptoms than oral thrush, which still exists after 3 days of nystatin.
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I had the same fear as you mate, nearly a year ago mine incident happened, been tested 10-15 tines since all negative but have a white tongue since it happened.

It sucks man trust me but if you where protected yourgood.
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thanks for the reply. so what's your diagnosis? does it come and go or has it just persisted from the time it started? any idea what to do to make it go?

Yea i am concerned. I never gave her any oral though. But we kissed. Even though I had protected sex, there's always that chance something went wrong. Nystatin has not helped much yet. ( on for 4 days)

My tongue looks v similar to this dude. Esp in the morning

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White tongue is not automatically thrush. Thrush is an overgrowth of candida alibanisis (sp) being on antibiotics can cause thrush because the normal bacteria that's in your mouth that eats yeast is killed off by the antibiotic and therefore the yeast is allowed to grow. Also thrush is not just a white tongue your tongue is coated with a curd like substance-- if you went to a dr if you had thrush he would be able to scrape off some curd on to a tongue decompressor.  However white tongue is a sign of thirst, and anxiety anxiety can cause dry mouth dry mouth appears white. Drink more water, don't drink bear beer gives you dry mouth which is the reason that you drink so many. And relax butler of all don't diagnose yourself-- if you suspect that you have thrush go to your dr and have him confirm if its thrush if it is a simple RX of nystatin will cure it over a couple days. Besudes thrush is not indicative of hiv there are hundred other reasons for thrush all more likely than job-- regardless you had protected sex so hiv us not your concept full stop .
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hey appreciate your comment. I had an nurse practitioner looked at my tongue in a health center. She told it does looks like a thrush. I am not on any antibiotic or any other med. I had a test for lupus on sep 2011 and it came back negative.

She looked surprised and said thrush doesn't come on its own. there is always a underlying problem with this. I have been drinking plenty of water lately and no beer and on rx Nystatin. But it has not changed much.
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also my mouth feels dry and chapped. although i have been drinking a quite a bit water..
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Thrush is a yeast infection-- or diaper rash in your mouth if you want to be literal. Have you had blood work done, sometimes one of the first signs of diabetes is thrush. In any case it's not hiv--- oral thrush when rated to hiv is usually occurred when hiv is ready developed into several years of having hiv-- it is not part of acute hiv infection. But let's get to the point-- it is obvious that you are sexually active , you are 27 years old, an std panel should be part if your annual physical or if you are having several partners perhaps every six months until you are in a vitted monogamous  relationship. It should just be part if kneeing about your own health. I do not think you have oral thrush, I think that you might have severe anxiety which is causing dry mouth. I gave had thrush s d if your tongue looks like that picture then i truly don't believe you have thrush. I think you should make an appointment with your pcp and have a physical done they will do blood work yo test liver and kidneys but also make sure to ask for an std panel because that is a special section under serology. And your dr can look at your "thrush".
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You never had av HIV risk, so whatever is going on with your tongue is not related.

This is an HIV forum, not a thrush forum (for the other responders).  

Thrush is not horribly uncommon and there isn't always a clear reason for every case of it.  It needs treated so keep working with your doctor.  Sometimes more than one course of Nystatin will be necessary (or a different medication).  Some cases of thrush are stubborn.

Again, no HIV worries at all.  Even if she was infected, you didn't have a risk.
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countrygirl and nursegirl..i want to thank you for your time and concern.

I talked with the girl and have her agreed to go for a hiv test . I hope you are are right. I learned my lesson big time. Hope i can get a second chance this time.

Also the nurse prac. has ordered a complete std panel, cbc, lipids..i will get my result in 2 days and we will go on from there...
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So are you guys confident that even she has HIV..i did not got infected?
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