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so recently i was diagnosed with mono i was over it in about 2 weeks but at the end of the 2 weeks i developed a mesal like rash on both my feet, its very small and doesn't itch and isnt anywhere else on my body. on my follow up appointment my doctor said its probably from the mono virus but she would test my blood anyways to check my platled levles. should i be worried and if i was infected would they be able to see in the blood tests if they werent looking for hiv.
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The only way to know if you were infected is by taking an HIV test. No other tests will tell you, your status.
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What was your exposure?Hiv test is a seperate test.Get tested at 3 months mark if you had unprotected sex.
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it has been since December im only 18 and it was with another highschool girl and i recently as in 2 weeks ago started having white patches on my tonsils when i was diognosed with mono today i went in for the small mesal like rash on my feet it isnt widespread just on my feet, the doc said the mono was gone but they would take more blood today to make sure it wasnt anything else.

are your sure that if i was hiv positive they wouldnt see abnormal cell activity in my recent blood test?

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is there a test i can pick up from a local store such as cvs or von that have pharmacies or is it something i have to order or do i have to get checked at a clinic also if the exposure time is incorrect with the test show a bad negitive or bad positive??
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