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rash on next day?

Good evening! I would like to ask you stg. On the next day after unprotected sex with my new boyfriend two red spots appeared on my wrists ( 1-1 on each one, cca 1cm big ) . athey disapeared within one hour.  On the second day 2 bigger oval red spots appear cca 10 cm above from the spots from the first day. These were lil bit itchy, cca 5x1.5 cm big and 2 small rash were on them. These spots also disapeared within 1-2 hours.
I am on 5th week after that day, i did not have high temperature, fever, no any "strange" rashes.
I would like to ask you, can that my rashes on the 1st and 2nd day be ARS rashes? Maybe the ars rashes appeared at me soooo early? On third day I felt lil pain my wristsans some musclepain in my arms. Could be causes from my extremly anxiety from illnesses? Thank you in advance for your help.
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Symptoms of HIV do not appear within days, in your case it is very very soon. Even though, symptoms can not diagnose HIV, only testing can. Test at 6 weeks, then again at 3 months for conclusive results.
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Thank you very much for your answer..
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Agree with what you have been advised.
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1.  A rash wouldn't consist of two red dots.  
2.  Symptoms would never appear that quick.
3.  If you're unsure of your BF's status, then test.  You can get a conclusive result at 4 weeks with a DUO test, or 3 months with a standard antibody test.

If you're calling him your "boyfriend", I'm assuming you're in a committed relationship?  Monogamous?  If so, you should both be tested together for all STDs moving forward.
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Thank you for your answer Nursegirl.
1. The 1-1 red spots on my wrists doesnt unclude dots ( pimples) just red area on my skind and sooo strange triangel shape, same on bith my wrists and this scares me so much.  The second red area that I wrote was on my arm as I wrote red area 5cm*1,5cm and includes 2 lil pimples.
3. I call him boyfriend cos we just got in relationship. I asked him about his past I told him my symptomes he told me he and his exgirlfriends have never had such sympromes.
Pls answer me. Really those rashes or spots can not be from hiv? Thank you in advance
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