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what are the chance of HIV to spread through a rash. i had sex with csw and at that time i had rash due to jock itch. her vaginal fluid had come to contact with the rash. if she is hiv positive wat are d chances for me to get infected.
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You didn't have a risk. HIV is not spread outside its host.
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outside its host means??? wat is d condition dat it is inside the host???
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Within the body not on the outside of your body.
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why is it dat way???? gennerally other viruses can spread outside also, den y is hiv virus so???
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Look it up.
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HIV is a weak virus and does not infect this way, when it is exposed to air it becomes inactive. It will not become active again, therefore even though you had jock itch the virus will not enter that area outside of your body. It would take place inside without a condom.
You didn't have a risk this way. Your using condoms and it protects you from the virus.
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you will be okay.
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do u mean to say dat even if she is hiv positive and her vaginal fluid touches my rash i will not get infected???
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Yes...you would not get HIV this way. You do not need to worry about this anymore.
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can I believe?????
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should i do a test in dis case????
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you've been told you had NO risk.   why would you come back and ask if you needed a test?

kindly move along...you do not have a hiv concern
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i have some problem now. Some pimple appear on my shoulder and they keep coming one after other. one remain for 2-3 days. also skin on my right hand palm is shedding. Is dis related to hiv ????
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and also a red spot on my tongue which is paining...
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plssss...  are they symptoms of hiv...
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