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if a rash occurs after my flu-like sickness has subsided, do you think it could be ARS related?? it just appeard as little dry red spots spread on my body, about 10 of them. They are about less than a centimeter in size, but one of them (under my breast where the underwire of my bra irritates it) has grown to about 1 inch. Does this rash sound like the ARS rash? i've never had a rash before and it's really strange and i'm freaking out. i've had all the ARS symptoms: sore throat, diarrhea, night sweats, swollen lymph nodes. I had diarrhea for over 2 weeks, a sore throat for about 5 days, no fever, no headache, but my neck nodes were swollen and i had night sweats for about 4 nights. I also had fatigue that lasted for about 2 weeks.That was over a month ago that those began, 3 1/2 weeks after an unprotected exposure. Now in the past week (over 6 weeks after exposure) i've been noticing little red dry spots!! one of them i noticed right when all my symptoms were subsiding. i'm only feeling slighty relieved because i heard symptoms all come within three days, and generally leave together. i'm so scared, i really am convied i am HIV positive and i can't find out for another few weeks.
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So you're 7.5 weeks post exposure? Go take a rapid test...your result (most likely negative) will be highly indicative of your conclusive 12/13 week test.
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i'm so scared, i just keep thinking about what else could have caused all this to happen? i will just wait until 13 weeks because i really think i can only handle getting tested one time only.
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did you really have all these symptoms? i feel like i'm the only one on here to have all of these symptoms compiled into a 2 week time span. it's just so frightening, thinking about it. i've never had prolongued diarrhea, such great fatigue, or a rash. The fact that i never had any of these and that it was 3 1/2 weeks after an unprotected exposure. I'M REALLY FREAKING!
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I think you should go. I was as scared as you are for my 6 week but I went as was so scared I thought I was going to pass out. I had all the same symtoms you have and still have some of them. and I tested negative at 12 weeks. I'm sure you will be fine. It will alleviate a lot of stress until your conclusive 12-13 week.
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A rash means nothing.  Especially 3 and a half weeks after an exposure.  See your regular doctor.

It mystifies me why people say "I've never had this before"!  Christ on a pony.  Everything has a first time.  How can a person never had diarrhea or a rash before?  Where the heck do you people live that you never get sick?   How can you never have had a rash before?

Strange.  But I'd bet the farm you're negative.  
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i've had diarrhea, but only for a day or two. in this case, it lasted for over 2 weeks! i find that very odd. this rash didn't come with the other symptoms, only one spot came up 1 week after the symptoms dissappeared and the other spots started coming up within the past two weeks. The original spot had grown to about an inch and has started to dissappear and the other ones are popping up everyday!

i pray to the farm i'm negative!! but i can't help but panic
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It's extremely apparent that having a concern for HIV = not having HIV, here.

Look...no one here who has posted here not knowing there status before has turned positive.
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that's still not very conforting, i think you should know by now ....
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relax, test will prove everything@
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thinking of it makes me sick
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Were you taking any antibiotics for your sore-throat etc?  I have been taking them for cough/sore throat and mine were strong ones....guess what, I got a rash!  Non-itchy, sunburn like.  read up on the medicine I was taking and found out it could easily be a side-effect of the drug!

Just a thought...
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no i wasn't taking any antibiotics, but my sore throat ended over a month ago, the rash just started to appear.... which makes me reconsider if it is ARS related. the spots are just like it is described all over the internet, only thing is they are not clustered at all just random spots (like mosquito bites) but they are not mosquito bites bc they don't itch and they have been around for a week. i find a new spot every day!
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