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I had protected sex with a sex worker about 5 weeks ago and started to have symptoms such as fever, weakness, drowsiness, muscle ache and joint pains.  l also noticed cold sores which started to appear on my lip and bottom of my chin.  I thought it was a primary herpes outbreak so I did a blood test which came positive for herpes simplex 1.  About a week into the fever symptoms I noticed small red rashes on my forehead and scalp and few on my nose. I got worried so decided to get a home access test for HIV which came negative.  I am also getting a PCR/DNA hiv test result back on wed....  Am I overdoing the test and are the rash related to acute hiv symptoms?  
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The chances are low that you were infected as you went in protected-test only for peace of mind @ 3 months if you need to, otherwise you should be fine.
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Was the condom intact at withdrawl?
Did you engage in vaginal penetration -or-anal?
Did you allow unprotected oral to take place beforehand?
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You had protected sex and did not have a risk of contracting HIV. You didn't need to test the first time let alone a second time.
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You had protected sex and did not have a risk of contracting HIV. You didn't need to test the first time let alone a second time.
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"Protected" is protected assuming the condom was use properly and didn't break.
Your risk was say beyond remote. I think you are overdoing the test. What you need is a single antibody test (ELISA,EIA or a rapid test) at 3 monts mark, the result will undoubtedly negative but it will put your worry permanently at rest.
It's true that rash is one of the symptom of early HIV infection (or ARS), but it never comes alone. Your other symptoms is more consistent with anxiety.
Relax, don't think about it to much. Trust me, been there done that.

Be well, stay well, stay safe.

GOD Bless!
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Protected sex lessen your risks significantly, but due to the herpes diagnosis i'd advise further investigation. A test at the 3 month mark just to narrow the window all the way to a close. Nothing is 100% as we know, but protected intercourse when the condom is used properly is pretty damn close, so expect a negative test result. I hope these posts were of help to you...
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your test will stay negative.smart safe sex
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also the hiv rash is all over the body not just in spots
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IS THE HIV RASH ITCHY??this is darn important
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