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rashes,itchiness HIV rash

i badly need to know your opinion about my health cases.I am 20 yrs old,last dec 27, 2010 i had unprotected sex(vaginal,oral) for the first time,...i gave my virginty to someone i hardly know,the thing i regret for the rest of my life...... dec 30,we used condom but had oral sex ....so we did the thing twice..now it's May,but i still have  no peace of mind 'cause i have few rashes all over my body(back,arms,scalp,ears),rashes with small blisters..seems herpes or dermatitis.

January 2012-i was tested i had UTI(took cipro  but my wbc didnt goes down to 0-1 after 7days,after  treating it with herbal(sambong)it goes down to 2-3
February-i had ringworm on my left foot near on the ankle,it leaks
March-sorethroat, then cold,cough(lasted for 2-3weeks?)
April-my ringworm disappear after treating nizoral and dermovate
but this month of apri until this May i started to feel itchiness around the corner of right eye,now it has bumps or some tiny blisters(i applied dermovate sometimes to dry it,there are times now that i experience cloudiness on my right eye
May-in this month i had HIV test and the result is negative
but l i had experience having a clusters of blisters on my two fingers (right hand),i think it's herpes whitlow..i didnt able to show it to my dermatologist since after a day/s it erupted ,sore and dried...i also had 2-4 tiny bumps/watery filled bumps on my lower lip
*my dermatologist gave me lotion and cream to treat the rash/small bumps on my back,legs arms and gave oral medicine(ped tablet)..but the rashes after 2 weeks just remains and now i am not treating it,from small itchy bumps,it forms small blisters..and the rashes get bigger a bit.now i have another  small group of blisters but this time on my left ring finger(gives me more suspicions that i have herpes virus)
*first week of May i experienced sore throat again,after that cold and cough follow up that lasted for three/4 weeks..i still have cough from time to time...but no fever
*i think my vaginal discharge also increase
*my menstration period change also
*i also had few tiny bumps on top of my part where pubic hair grows(appear and disappear from time to time)
*i feel ithciness sometimes on my private part and on my anus

i ask the guy who performed the test if i still have the possibility that i am infected of HIV,he said i should retest after a year...but the rashes that has blisters just doesnt give me peace of mind to the point i didnt able to focus on my job. :(
it's turning 6months now after that unprotected encounter and im so depress.need your help and advices.thanks

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sorry for posting dec 2010 it's supposed to be dec 2011...forgive me for making mistake...i am just so depress
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ur 3 month test is conclusive enough you ar hiv negitive
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You have a conclusive HIV test result at 3 months--there is no need to test at 6 months or a year.You can stop worrying now.
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but i just recently have a one lymph node on my neck determined by the doctor.....im so afraid...pls help me....
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not hiv related
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