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really sore yellow tongue

Hi people,

After a possible exposure nearly six months ago my symptoms persist and getting worse. Particularly mouth problems including sore tongue coated in white or yellow gunk every day, small reddish lumps at back of toungue, dry mouth at night, slimy lips and just general discomfort. This has been going since February!! The pain in my neck under jaw line has been persistent since december and it hurts to swallow now.

My question is if hiv pos would these be typical symptoms after just six months?
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If you had a risk then maybe we could talk more in detail, but you didn't have a risk as you have been advised in the past.
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I was reading one of the good doctors comments on an almost identical risk as mine and the assessment was treated as a single episode of unprotected intercourse with all the assosiated risks. Does this not mean that my exposure is a possible risk.

That said can we now talk in more detail? Would much appreciate it.
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Hi Vance,

Any chance we could start a dialogue? I am really worried.
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Are you sure that preson was +
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Pay to ask the Dr then because this fourm agrees that you did not have a risk. And even if you did symptoms don't come on at 6 months.
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No. But was sex worker who gave option of condom or no condom which is worrying suggesting could have been pos?
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Hiv is never diagnosed on the basis of symptoms alone.You,ve obviously been told on a previous post that you had no risk of hiv infection.Here,s my question,if you have your doubt,s about the best advice that,s been given to you than why haven,t you been tested.Your well over the 3month post-exposure conclusive hiv window period.
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You have been told you didnt have a risk. But if you are convinced you had a risk. You are way past the 3 month window get tested.
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My last post

After six months of hell I can now lay this to rest. I just got my six month test results and they were negative!!! Yippeee.

Would like to thank all those that responded to my questions during my time on this forum. I cant tell you all just how important a forum like this is for all those going through fear, anxiety and stress.

To those who are suffering I beg you to listen to the advice. Test at the suggested times and do not fear.

All the best

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Sjogren's ? See if your Sx match
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