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received oral from prostitute without condom

Hello, one week ago i had sex with a prostitute. We had vaginal sex with a condom, And later I received oral sex from her without condom. Se also gave me a handjob. The next day I was a sore on the penis-head. What are the risks of getting HIV in this case? I am really nervous right now
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HIV is only contracted through exchange of bodily fluids. Usually having unprotected vaginal sex in your case it's best to be checked out. You talk about soreness, now it's highly possible you did not contract HIV but maybe something else. I recommend you stay calm but please seek the emergency room soon as possible to be tested for HIV and other STDs. Some STDs can be permanent along with HIV so it's important to be safe and even try to be with on person and one person only who has no infections. I hope u take precautions next time u sleep with someone who you are basically putting your life in their hands.
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HIV is not contracted from protected sex or oral sex.  However, many other STDs are much more easier to transmit so I would recommend talking to your doctor and seeing what he/she recommends.
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So, even if i was sore, there is no chance of beeing infected with HIV from oral sex?
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