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receptive oral sex concern

Just over 5 weeks ago recieved a ******* from a questionable girl but did not ejaculate in her mouth and have been extremely concerned sice then. I was extremely drunk at the time and do not remember any of the specifics. It was a very big mistake. Since then I have had a persistent headache and over the last two days have had a slight sore throat. Everything that I have read says that the risk is minimal but at the same time these symptoms are listed as HIV symptoms on all sites I have been to. At the same time I have moved across the world and have been changing jobs. Friends have told me that it is just tension and stress ... but I feel as though it is HIV. What are the chances that it is HIV and could stress cause the persistent headache and sore neck.

Thank you for all advice that you can provide.
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You didn't have a risk of contracting HIV. See a doctor if you have concerns about your symptoms.
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Teak thank you very much for your response. I am still just miffed and am trying to figure out why I have these "symptoms." I am typically a person who does not get sick. I still cannot kick this headache which is just constantly persistent. However, the sore throat only lasted about 3 days. How do I go about getting information on the likely hood of stress causing my issues? Have you every heard someone with fear of this putting so much stress on themself they get "symptoms?"
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Read the health pages. Top right of the forum.
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