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red dots on my tongue

I am 45 years old. I have had sex with a prostitute. I did wear a condom, but did receive orval without a condom. My problem is I have started to see red small dots on the tip of my tongue and also a funny tingling feeling around my mouth. I also my noticed my testicule are red and ichty and theres a white shinny mark on the shaft of my penis. The tip of my penis also feels funny. I also am experancing the rest of my body seems to be ichty. My head is all over the place with worry. I had a HIV test about two years ago because I had the same problems. I never got any word back so I through everything was fine I do work in some hot countries so I sweat alot around my testicule causing me to chaff. Can someone please help
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you never had a risk for contracting hiv from what you have described.

if you are having health concerns...see a doctor...it's not hiv related
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Hi Lizze,
That makes me feel a bit better. I have been googling for answers and I think this has put a lot of things in my head.

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google will kill ya
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Hi Lizzie,
Went to the GUM centre today and got tested. They took some samples and a urine test. The doctor also took a HIV blood test. He said I have a infection, but wouldnt know what is was for a couple of weeks. He give me some antibiotics called azithromycin. I'm at my wits end. I have a wife and two great kids at home and its killing me to think I could have dangered my wife and my marriage. I couldnt live without them, but I'm keep thinking about killing myself. I dont want to but i couldnt live with myself if I cause harm to my wife
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if you are thinking about killing yourself because of something that you dont have...then i would go straight to the psych ward at your nearest hospital.

it's GUILT...NOT HIV ! ! !
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