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I had unprotected vaginal sex. 3rd day i had fever of 37.6. 4th day after exposure i had weak legs and kidney, low back pain. At 6 th day i develop sore throat with white tongue. On the 8th day i felt slight headache and on and off fever normally in the afternoon. I went for a complete test at 32 days after my exposure. tje test result came out hiv 1&2 by elisa as non reactive but i was diagnosed with herpes 2. i know conclusive result is only by 3 or 6 months. i am so desperate to know the accuracy for 32 days test. and will herpes prolong the produce of hiv antibodies?
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Symptoms alone can NOT be used to diagnose HIV as they could be attributed to a variety of other causes. Around one month post 2/3 of people will have developed anti-bodies for HIV. HIV tests are conclusive at 3 months.
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Will herpes have any effect like prolonging hiv antibodies. i was told by md take the test was 80 to 90% accurate.
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Hi..i would hope for an analysis from lizzie, getitright, diver and zamzam. Thanks
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you had a risk

your "symptoms" are not hiv related
* too early
*come all at once...not over the course of 5 days

3 months is conclusive

herpes will not delay production of antibodies
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When you test at 3 Months post-exposure you will be able to put this anxiety all behind you.Get 6 Months out of your head,unless your immune system has blown a gasket and is totally run down then it's 3 Months for you.All the best buddy.
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What about the elisa ab test at 32 days post exposure? I know i m nt going to rely on that but would to know how reliable it is. i read somewhere in medhelp here stated by one of the doctors saying that around 90% people will tested positive within 3 to 4 weeks. i m nt doubting the experts but would hope to find out how true it is. 2 weeks after my post exposure i found out the girl i had intercourse were admit into a hospital due to stomach infection on previous surgery. a blood test was done on her and nothing was found in the blood. do u need any specific or those sensitive blood test to perform a hiv check? I m sorry you might find this question annoying or might get irritated with that. i saw a lot posting almost the same things over and over. i m just trying gather all odds to slightly ease my anxiety. thanks in advance
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32 days is a bit early, 8 weeks is 99% and 12 weeks is 100%.If you had a DUO at 4 weeks it would have been 99% accurate because it looks for both antibodies and p24 antigen.Wait until 8 weeks and test again,then 12 weeks for a final test.All the best.
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Would 32 days be somewhere around 90 to 95?
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Hi teak.
You might find my post very excessive. i read a lot about u. i respect you in every corner. The hardest thing for being hiv positive is to accept the fact u r. i m like the other normal person here who trying to aasemble all the odds and get a best assurance to ease their anxiety level.
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I feel your pain and it is a tough situation to be in and we have all been there,but the reality is that it's a waiting game.You know when to test,just hang in there and the time will pass.
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I had fringer prick test at 6 weeks 2 day. It came out negative. just like to ask is this test reliable or trusted. i had read in a doctor blog who is based in singapore that rapid finger prick test is very accurate and in 6 weeks its closed to 99%.
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