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risk of HIV from piercing

hey, i got a piercing from a "professional" tattoo and piercing parlour about 3 months ago, now the local health board has issued a public advisory that the needles in that parlour were not appropriately sterilized. A person who got a tattoo done there in 2006, has tested positive for Hepatitis B. But my point is, im really scared if i have HIV. I got tested after a month and the results were negative, the results from the two month mark are expected next week, at which point I also intend to get a rapid test there on the spot.If that is negative,does that mean i am HIV negative for sure (rapid test after 3 months)? And also, for the last few days, i have a sore, irritated throat, chest pain and a dry cough. Could this be HIV related pneumonia or TB?Strep throat? Please help me
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HIV has never been transmitted via tattoos or piercings and you aren't going to be the first.
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Thank you for your reply Teak, really appreciate it, but just to make sure.. does chest pain cough and sore throat indicate any HIV related condition that i mentioned above? And why is the health board making such a big deal about this even though they classified it as "low risk". I havent been able to sleep at night since they called me and told me to get tested. And is rapid test at 3 months conclusive? Thanx again, appreciate it.
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For the same reason you are asking questions, "Lack of knowledge."

"CDC knows of no instances of HIV transmission through tattooing or body piercing, although hepatitis B virus has been transmitted during some of these practices."
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thanx Teak, i take your word for it, this will atleast let me sleep tonight. Allright I wont bother you no more, but do I have to take the regular antibody test (the one that takes 4 weeks) or can i just take the rapid test at the 3 month mark because im going to collect my results from the two month mark anyways? this is my last question, pardon my ignorance. Much appreciated.
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Did you forget about getting the HBV test?
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No, I did infact get tested for Hepatitis A,B and C, and the results are due the same day as the HIV test. So can the chest pain and cough be related to Hepatitis?
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