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risk of hiv and stds please help me

I kissed a call girl lip to lip kiss for 2 minutes I only had bleeding gums her status is unknown her hiv status is also unknown but while kissing I dint felt any blood in my mouth we dint used tongue only lip to lip kiss and now I have white spots around my upper lips. They are painless and I have sores under my tongue I don't know what to do feeling like dying help me please I never had these kinds of oral problems before after the kiss I have these symptoms I need your help
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Hello, regarding HIV, kissing is not considered a risky activity, there are no reports of people getting HIV by doing what you did. There is no need to worry or get tested for HIV.

You could ask about other STDs in the STD forum.
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One thing for sure is that it's not HIV.
1- It was your mouth that had the bleeding gums and you're HIV-free.
2- Way less likely to meet someone with HIV positive but anyway even if you want to assume she was HIV positive, she couldn't pass it for you because saliva does not provide good habitat for the virus.
3- I assume it's something else like staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria since you already had bleeding gums before the kiss. If your symptoms persist, visit your healthcare provider.
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Thank you so much dear friend thank you a lot muaaaaah feeling better now
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