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I had a sexual encounter at a massage parlor and she may have touched her vagina and then touched my anus.  No penetration.  Can this be a risk for HIV?  ANyone know how long the virus stays alive outside of the body?  Thanks in advance
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NO RISK!. get on , 90-99% of the HIV Virus is away in some hours. + you didnt have a risk at all HIV is not transmitted that way.
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One more question.  I know that most of the sar symptom start about 2 to 3 weeks after transmission but can oral thrush or fatigue start few days after being infected ith HIV?
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you do not have oral trush after few days and fatigue can you get from alot of things exsampel Anixty+Stress.+you not infected get on and get it behind you! +symptoms of HIV is not an indication of HIV. If you so affraid get a test after 6 weeks and chill down. But there is no reason to test as i said: NO RISK NO TEST. I had no risk either but i tested to..
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No risk at all, Not a chance, ZERO, ZIP NADA, dont even think about it, Imposible, just forget about it, Move on
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No risk. Do not try to self diagnose thrush, a white looking tongue does not mean its thrush, it can be a bunch of different things that cause a white tongue. Lots of HIV- people have had a white tongue for years.
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One thing I didnt mentioned as that the lady gave me a ** with some thick saran wrap for about minutes and also had vaginal sex with that same wrap.  the wrap covered the entire penis and lasted few minutes.  I check the wrap after and did not see any tear.  I know it was stupid but If there was no vaginal skin contact with the penis what are the risk factor.  Thanks in advance  
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So you leaft out the most important part of the story?

You used saran wrap for sex? Thats new to me. I guess as long as it didnt break you are not at risk.

You must have been really wanting her to use saran wrap.
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I think they only have saran wrap due to police raids.  It was first time for me and never gone do that again.  
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thats a first for me wait what was that movie with Jamie fox and that other guy they had to wrap their whole body up to get some did they ever ? LOL that was a funny movie oh
by the way you dont have a risk
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