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scared I have HIV someone please help haven't got tested yet.

Hi 19 year old kid here 5 months after possible exposure. Im experiencing oral thrush, I feel very light headed and have a rapid heart beat when I stand up sometimes . Also in November around the possible exposure date I had a very sore throat lots of saliva and couldn't even speak for a like 5 days. Can someone tell me if I'm in the late stages of Hiv or getting to the late stages . Also I do have poor oral hygiene that ive been working on and a lot of stress and possible anxiety. can someone please help
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What was your possible risk?  The only way that people get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing of IV drug needles.  That's it.  HIV virus is fragile and is inactivated by air and saliva.  And it's never diagnosed by symptoms.  Sore throats, oral thrush, are all common.  They are every day things that people randomly get.  Only tests diagnose HIV.  
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it was unprotected sex
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So you had unprotected sex.  Well, then you will  need to take a test.  Any will be accurate after 5 months.  But symptoms are not used to diagnose HIV nor are they an indication of HIV.  And one time sex is a low risk of HIV transmission.  So, most likely, you don't have HIV.  Test to be sure.  
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