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scared,hiv,help....don't know how to control my fear

Male 20, 3days ago had anal sex with prostitute.. M at the top.... Don't know her HIV status....but my penis is not fully erect (guess due to alcohol I consumed, but I am fully conscious)by giving oral she make it erect..She lay down all straight(with her front side towards the bed and back side towards the roof), not in proper position for anal (like laying down In opposite of missionary style and legs kept straight) she lay down in such a way that I can't even see her poop hole.... As all light are,in dark I try to insert my penis but I don't feel like any thing going in (but she screamed loudly)then for like 6 to 7.sec thrusting in and out like 2 or 3 pushes(unprotected sex)... But I don't feel like anything going in and out.... It's like I am moving my body only... There is no sensation in my penis like going in and out... M really worried.. Did I got myself struck into severe problem having outcomes like std's....as during sex she makes large sounds that makes me to think like "she is screaming hence something goes in(but she is prostitute)" but I.don't feel that... Going in and out....now my mind also give me another thought like she lay straight with her but little up such that u can't even feel her poop hole without separating her bum cheeks.... Even In case If I go inside her,so that is for 6 second approx.... Am I got myself into trouble.... Plzzzz help me sir..... I can't even concentrate in my studies... I know I did wrong things.. Like getting myself In all this..plzzzz help.....
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