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scared of HIV/AIDS/STD

Hi Dr,
i had unprotected sex with a sex worker before a week.

first , i asked her to take bath in hot water and wash her vagina with soap.

second i washed my parts with hot water n soap

i inserted my finger inside for more than 2 mins.then sucked her boob. i dint swallowed the saliva,i splited it out.

i dint have any wounds in my mouth.and i had unprotected vaginal sex with in 2 mins i cummed inside and washed my part with hot water and soap.. tried to pour some hot water into the penis hole.

i don know she is having HIV or not ..

But she had some wound near her *** (black patches) and wound in the thumb side of nail.

i noticed all this after the having sex.. i left the place n took wash one more time.
this is the my first time with sex worker.but i had sex with my GF before 1 month.

my question
1) how much possibilities i have to get infection.? i dont have any wounds or rashes in my part(before and after).
2) 1 time sex, will get infection?
3)all are saying only after 90 days ,we will come to know the result
4) before 90 days , what should i do to prevent? is it possible to prevent?
5) what are the symptoms will i get and in how many days, i will get it after having sex?
what should i do to prevent, please help me..
if my GF ask to have sex.. shall i do or not?

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can you prevent it?  ONLY if you had chosen to use a condom while having sex ! !

you can test 6-8 weeks post exposure for a good indication of your status...at this point the result is unlikely to change.  follow up at 3 months for a conclusive result,

do NOT have unprotected sex with your g/f again until you get a conclusive result.
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do i have chance of getting AIDS?  if that sex worker have aids and had unprotected sex for 1 time ? in 90 days is there any chances of that virus , get killed inside my body due to good healthy foods and hood health.

what should i do in these 90 days to avoid HIV/aids/std?
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like i told you before...you PREVENT hiv by wearing a condom.  any time you CHOOSE to have unprotected sex with someone and you do not know their status...you set yourself up with the potential of contracting not only hiv, but other stds as well.

NO...if you have been infected...eating healthy will not just make the virus go away.

test at the appropriate time to know your status
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how many percentage of chance i have to be infected with HIV/AIDS/STD?
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Could you please tell.

how many percentage of chance i have to be infected with HIV/AIDS/STD?

is it possible to not get ? percentage?

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having unprotected sex with someone who is hiv positive does not mean automatic infection.

the ONLY way to know one's status is by testing at the appropriate time.
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Hi gowtham920,

Ok, i know you are anxious, and i can understand the kind of fear you are going through now.

What you can know is that not every unprotected sex result in infection. But it can/may also happen on the first time. So the statistics is not really very absolute, there are alot of biological variables in play during the activity.

The average chance of getting it, provided the person you had sex with has hiv, is 1/1000. But you can get it on the first time, or you may never get it even after 100 times. You never know, so you should get tested as lizzie has advised you.

Wish you all the best, good luck, and take care ok?

May God bless

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Thanks a lot..

Do everyone get infection , if they have unprotected sex with infected person (severely infected)?
automatically will they get Infection?
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