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2 months ago i had a groin problem because of 3 days reusing tight underwears and i always got a sweat down there,it started with a friction- like pain and a week after it healed,i noticed some tiny white open sores(not raised)on both sides which is painful in touch,i treated it with rubbing alcohol everytime i take a bath,it was all healed in 3 weeks.

My question: Is it possible that it is hiv? because at that time i am also sufferring from a fever on&off,sore throat,nausea & vommiting,muscle pains,weakness,headache,and diarhea

What are those sores?

I have never tried sex ever in my life but i am scared.

Is it just that i am a cyberchondriac? Because i usually read symptoms online

Should i take a test?
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Also i am so scared because a month before all those symptoms showed up i got pricked by a lancet which i dont know if it is reused.and another thing that scares me is about two weeks before those symptoms showed up i got a knife cut on my hand and inside the karate lecture is a student bleeding and got into my cut(1 day old)

It just scares me till now
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Non of the things you say put you at risk for HIV.
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Thank you very much i will move on now
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