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scrotal lesion

Hi I have read that herpes can increase risk of HIV transmission due to white blood cells accumulating at the sore if it was on the scrotum, since the immune system is trying to heal the sore. My question is: are there any other non-std related scrotal lesions that carry this property of accumulating white blood cells? Such as a type of pimple or bump or even scrotal cut? I never had sex before my exposure (it was protected, but my scrotum was still exposed) and there was a bump on my scrotum that has been there for over a month, so I am worried. I do not think it's herpes since I never had a sexual encounter before the exposure. I think this will be my last topic on this site. Thank you to everyone who has provided insight, and I know this may be asking for too much, but I really would appreciate an answer to the question if possible, other than telling me it's no risk because it was protected. A simple yes or no would do, and if yes, what other types have this property. Thank you once again.
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NO HIV risk.......

should go see a doctor for your "bump".
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Firstly, thank you for your prompt reply. So there are no types of non-std related lesions that have that property of herpes? In fact I did see the doctor when I first noticed it 6 weeks ago and he suspected that it was skin trauma due to scratching but since it is still there I do not know, and I cannot visit him at my current location since I am overseas.
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Hi there,

There are many types and causes of lesions.  As this is forum discussing about HIV, I will not go further.  Also, unable to determine kind of lesions without seeing it...

If it bother you, seek medical help when you are back.
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