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seroconversion symptoms starting in 8th week after exposure

I am Rizwan Danish 25 years old Male. I got physical with a lady mother of two children, her age was 30 years. There was an unprotected sex for 2 minutes, ejaculated my sperm inside her vagina but she was dry not wetty. I did my hiv test after 6 weeks in government lab it was negative. But in 8th week I got some symptoms as headache, fever, sore throat. I tried some general medicines, got tested for cold or other type of fever all of the report was correct. Fever wasn't there after one day but sore throat doesn't go while using heavy antibiotic medicines.
I got scared so I tested again at 56 day of my exposure that is when 8 week is completed. It was also negative. I have to ask you one question. May be 8th week is my soreconversion period and there is no enough antibodies to be detected by lab instrument! Is there any possibility to hiv positive in this scenario if will go to test again at 12 weeks?.
Rizwan Danish
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Building on what AnxiousNoMore has said, you need to get yourself tested for HIV Duo test anytime now , collect your conclusive report and move on with your life

I am not sure, where are you from. If your 8 weeks test was done on third generation test kit, it was highly reassuring but not conclusive.

In India and Pakistan, 4th generation Duo tests are commonly available with top ranking clinical laboratories.

Symptoms do not tell us anything, it is the test report that determines our status conclusively
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A duo test is conclusive at 4 weeks, so if that was used you don't have to worry.
Doctors can't diagnose HIV from symptoms, so you won't be able to either so it is best to not study them.
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Sorry to disturb you.. Is there any possibility of getting seroconversion symptoms at 8th week. As I got at 52nd day headache, sore throat, nose block and on next day tongue got white. Tried some medicines but no relief. Tested again at 56th day in government laboratory and got negative report. Today is 59th day I still have sore throat and white layer on my tongue. But no fever, no headache. Will my report will turn to positive???
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