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severe joint paints from 2 years

Hi Doctor.
I have been experiencing severe joint pains in knees, elbows, shoulders, writs, ankles from past 2 years.
Before two years: I had protected sex with a women aged 32 in scotland before two years. Then after a week I suffered from loose motions for 5 days and lost 6 kgs in my weight (from 64 kgs to 58kgs) . Then after I suffered from little joint pain in the middle of my knee joint like there is some insect crawling in the middle of the knee joint of right leg. After a week both the knee joints started paining. After 6 months these joint pains became severe and they pain every day, every minute during sleeping time or any time all the day. Then these joint pains have spread from knees to elbows then to shoulders, ankles, wrists, foot etc. my joints from femur bone to tip of the foot suffer from pain and burning sensation after i drink alcohol.
I am now unable to lift the weights and do my daily works. very painful body and once in six months i suffer from loose motions for atleast 5 days.
Before 4 years: I had some homeopathic medicines from a homeopathy doctor fot height growth. It was a medical course for 6 months. I stopped it in two months and suffered from some skin allergies for three years that is my skin all over the body has suffered from itching for atleast 3 years. I used atarax 20mg and omnacortin tablets for skin allergy. I here got tested with hiv and shown perfectly negetive result in hiv.
so after 3 years automatically skin allergy has stopped and joint pains had started after having sex with the scottish women. No other symptoms i can see except joint and muscle pains, some times loose motions. I am in a dilemma that it could be hiv infection coz of joint and muscle pains are symptoms of hiv infection.. Please help me??
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Hi Doctor please help me. Waiting for your reply
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This is a Community not an Docter's Forum.

If you are seeking help from Dr.HHH post in doctor's forum and pay little fees.
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On your risk assesment ----- YOU HAD NO RISK.

Protected sex means NO RISK AT ALL.

Your symptoms are related to other health issues but not HIV.

You are FINE.
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I concur with the master--Mak888,you had no risk.Stop stressing.
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