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severe symptoms of hiv,probabilities?

     Dear Doc,

I have hair that grows on my penis shaft i read about it and found out that some men do have it,anyway inorder
to remove them i use a tweezer and i pick the hairs out untill no more on shaft,the second day after that i had sex
with an african prostitue it was protected sex but during sex i reallised that the condom wasn't covering all the penis
it was at somewhere at three quarters so i might have had conatct with vaginal fluid at the place of hair removed, we also kissed,so now it has been two weeks and at the last 3 days i'm having  severe symptoms that i have never experienced anything like,it's like my whole system broke loose,it started with dificulty breathing and sweating of arms and legs and groin area as well as needle like feeling and burning all over my body especially arms  and legs,as well as a slight burning inside penis and at tip but not while urinating or ejaculation as well as burning of scrotom and genitals,after that i started having stomach cramps and loss of apetite
as well as coming and going mild fevers and sweats and i have a congested sinus and light headache but i have had sinus problems before,and in one of the nights i had a seisure like thing where my heart was pounding very strongly and i was making an effort to breath and couldn't sleep all night,and now after about four days,the severity of all these symptoms have gone less but i still get slight chills and pain in genitals and surrounding area and weired feeling in my stomach as well dificulty to focus.
i tested for hiv after exactly two weeks with a home test kit it was negative but i read from the internet that 4 to 12 weeks to be sure as test mainly won't show during this period.
  I will get tested again soon in two weeks time and after that but what i want to know is i have had all the symptoms
that are the same as described for hiv and i never had a sickness like this all together, my qustion is given the time
of contact and symptoms i am almost sure that this is hiv and i'm now in the window peiod is there any other disease
that might have these same symptoms in this severety and combination?
would apreciate your advice,thank you  
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As long as the head of your penis is covered, you did not have a risk.  There are innumerable discussions on this forum that explains this.

Let's not debate this with "what if" questions.  Condom sex is safe sex, period.
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thank you for your reply guys,i am very thankfull, but man i don't know about these symptoms there gonna drive me crasy,
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i'm sorry for the inconvenience,the answers i got did clear unknown things for me,and i wanted to know wether there are symptoms similar of these that relate to another
infection as well,again i apologize for any misdoing.thanks
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You need to consult with your doctor to find the cause of your symptoms...they are not related to HIV, therefore this forum has nothing more to offer you.
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