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sex with hiv infected women ,condom broke

i had sex with hiv infected women and broke my condom while penetrating and i tooked it out in a blink of eye
what is risk of hiv
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If what you said happened really happened then no risk.
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really i am worried didn ssleep 2 days
what really happen was when i was about to dip or penetrate her poop sound came and i took it out in 1-2 second and continue oral
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You're fine.
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if my penis even touch her vaginal part while taking out when broke
am i fine
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If you're concerned, take a DUO test at 28 days.
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in your opinion am i at risk or out of risk
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Very low risk. I've never seen an insertive partner seroconvert from such a brief exposure.
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sould i worry about it or continue my normal lifestyle
and wat about nPeP
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How long ago did this happen...?
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2 days ago
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PEP wouldn't be recommended
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what should i do now
stay worrying or live without fear because this event is getting my mind darker
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