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sex with hiv poz

I'm really nervous right now and worried. I'm only in my early 20's but I've been living permiscuously in the last few months or so. Here is my story and exposures...
I've started to go to bath houses and hook up with other men. This doesn't always lead to sex and when I do have sex I wear a condom, and never eever do it without one. I just ran out of the bathouse worried because I met two guys there who wanted to do it without protection. When I asked the 2 of them if they were hiv positive, they told me yes, but their viral load is low or undetectable and they're using meds. Needless to say I freaked out, I did have sex with one of them a couple of months back I was the top and I wore a condom the whole time. It was only about a few mins total if not less. I've performed oral sex on both and they on me before I knew about their status'. What if precum was in ones mouth and then it came in contact with my urethra? So many possibilities, I'm freaking out. My last hiv and sti testing was about a month back and was negative. One of the guys rubbed his penis against my anus but didn't insert. I'm really worried. Should I get pep right now after the incident?

I asked one guy how it happened to him and he said he's been with his bf for years and his bf is poz, then he said he doesn't know how he seroconverted because he always used condoms with him but maybe it broke without realizing it. I'm freaking out, what if me- a guy who always wears condoms for sex, had a break without knowing?

Also, just before I had my last hiv test, I had some sort of rash on my neck that looked like shingles the dr said. It kinda felt like some acne the first day. I'm worried that I seroconverted right after my last neg test.

What should I do? I need help. Its not been wise going to these places, I've seen men doing stuff without protection there and I always avoid that.

I worried that if this guy, who tells me he's always been safe with his bf and is now poz, then what r my chances? I've had a lot of mutual oral sex, I have a cut on my lip and a canker on my tongue now can't I have the virus enter that way?

The guy also spit on his finger and inserted it into my anus for a few seconds and I told him to stop. Please help
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you never had a risk from anything that you've described
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Thanks for your quick reply. I just freaked out when one of the guys told me he seroconverted after only using protection with his bf. The rash I described made me think and wonder a lot. I'm just a little shaken up from the encounters and what I've been doing. But I've always been concerned about this stuff and always wear a condom. I've never experienced a break before in a condom but I want to know how it would go unoticed? Can secretions infect and get into my urethra any way while removing a condom after sex?
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When a condom breaks it breaks wide open. Without a doubt. The fail is catastrophic. You would know. And dont believe everything ppl tell you. If he seroconverted he at some point didnt use protection with his partner. The fact that they asked to have sex without a condom proves they dont have a responsible approach to sex, and is probably why they are hiv positive to begin with. You were never at risk. You should test only because you are sexually active and it is recommended yearly for sexually active people and more often if you have multiple partners, not because you are at risk. Use condoms and you wont have a problem. Congrats on a responsible approach to sex.
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Thanks. Your response really helped. I'm going to test anyway and I will expect a negative result. It just really worried me cuz I've never done anything with somebody known to be poz. It freaked me out. I do treat everybody as if they are which is why I'm very cautious and use condoms.

Much appretiation for your help
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If you have not had any unprotected encounters, do not share drug works then you can expect a negative. If you choose to test, you can take a duo test now for a great indication, followed by a singleantibody test at three months.
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Just a recap about my risks, and possible exposures. I was with 2 men of unknown status (I assume they are hiv positive). I did not perform oral sex on either of them. One of them began to perform oral on the other and then moved on to me.. Can precum in his mouth move on to me and infect me? If there was any sort of ejaculate in his mouth could it have put me at risk while he performed oral on me?

Also, I put on a condom and had 5-10 seconds of sex with one of them. The condom was intact and when I ejaculated into the condom everything was fine and there was no breakage. I know that they are poz guys because after me, the other one had unprotected sex with the other and ejaculated in him. Sorry for the detail but do I need a test at all?
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