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sharing lollipop

Hi. i recently went to a rave with a few friends and we all took ecstasy. as you may know, when people are on ecstasy, they tend to grind their teeth, bite their lips and cheeks, which could casue a little bit of blood in their mouths. well, my friend was conversing with a girl and she handed him a lollipop, he sucked on it, and then he gave it to me and i sucked on it. we took turns with the lollipop a couple of times and that was it. my question is, if either my friend or the girl got any blood on the lollipop, and then i sucked on it, would i be at risk of getting infected? i really dont think i had any cuts or sores in my mouth at the time, but im not entirely sure. i wasn't sucking on the lollipop profusely or for a long period of time. any help is greatly appreciated.
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NO risk.
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alright. thank you very, very much. i truly appreciate it. i dont mean to badger you, because i truly appreciate your help, but you're pretty sure that there's no risk right?? i understand the rules of the site and i wont continue to keep posting.
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