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should i worry -- my story

possible exposure date -- 12/11 -- unprotected vaginal sex with a one night stand.
Day 3 -- Asked if she was clean -- said she was.  (I know i should have done this first)
Day 8 -- Develop chancre sore on lip.  One small sore on tongue (small pimple like bump, causes discomfort).  
Day 9 -- Sinus issues.  Slightly Itchy/scratchy throat, stuffy nose.  
Day 10 -- chancre sore gone.  throat still a little itchy/scratchy
Day 11 -- throat feels fine.  nose unstuffed.
Day 13 -- sore on tongue finally gone.
Day 15 -- woke up cold (even though outside temp was in the 60's) but didnt ever have the chills/shivers.  took temp but was only 99.4. Highest temp got all day was in the evening at 100.4.  Took ibuprofen at that point and went to bed.  Had a slight equlibrium issue, nothing major
Day 16 -- No chills and temp never broke 100 all day. still had a slight equilibrium issue (spacey feeling). Small red rash on left side of stomach.  not raised or bumpy.
Day 17 -- No fever or chills (highest temp was 99.2).  Slight equilibrium issue.  Rash now covered both sides of stomach and chest.  Red but not raised or bumpy.  Did not itch.  Looked like a sunburn. By the end of the day, there were a few splotches on my arms/back/neck.  Still no itching or pain.
Day 18 -- Rash looked better.  Just on my chest and stomach (maybe a little on my back, couldnt really tell).  redness had faded with just a very fewed raised spots on my stomach.  Was now causing a little discomfort (not really painful, not really itchy, but a little of both).  Temp never above 98.6 the times i took it.  Had a slight case of thrush on tongue.  wiped it off once and it was gone for the day.  
Had a 4th Gen Rapid Combo HIV test taken.  Results were negative.  (scheduled followup for 1 month)
Day 19 -- Rash is pretty much gone with exception of a very few raised areas.  But now it is itching on and off (mostly on the sides of stomach).  And some of the areas that are itching there are no traces of the rash.  Stool has been loose.  Took temp a couple of times but never above 99. No sign of any thrush today.  

I know I wont know for sure until I go back for my follow-up in a month, but should I be worrying as much as I am concerning this.  I know i screwed up to begin with by having unprotected sex and testing is the only way to be sure but I am obsessing over this every waking minute.  

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Keep in mind that the chances that she is HIV+ are rather low, assuming you live in a Western country, and you could not possibly catch HIV if she does not have HIV.  Add to that that HIV is not that easy to contract, and your chances are quite low.

Symptoms tell you nothing about your status. They can be caused by common viruses, or even stress and anxiety. No one can diagnose you based on the symptoms you're experiencing.  Just wait a few more days and take a combo test around day 28, and then you can be sure.

In the meantime, try to relax and know that a one-time event like this is unlikely to result in HIV transmission, and that she would have to be HIV+ for this to even be a possibility.
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Hi your really over analizing but the facts are that hiv is not the easy to contract and its not symptoms that we discuss but risk, Yes you did have a risk but how many people do you know have hiv? I bet none.
Its more promedent in certain African countries and certain sexual groups and i would assume your not in either. You can test at 28 days with the DUO test.
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Please get the COMBO test 28 days post exposure
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Combo test at 28 days was negative
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