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should i worry

Ok here goes,
i have been with a total of 7 partners sexually. all of which after a period of time i did have unprotected sex.  i did have sex with one partner who did have the clap but i didnt find out until afterwards. that person didnt have it at the time but i was still scared, and got tested in 99, it came back negative. i have had oral sex several times  with 5 of the 7 partners mentioned above and 2 additional ones in which no intercourse was done. that said about 4 years ago a met a woman that i want to spend the rest of my life with. we are sexually active and do not wear protection.

lets fast forward to 2007 in novemeber, i noticed a sore on my penis, i didnt think anything of it because i had been very active wiht my partner over the last week, but i masterbated a few times as well. the sore got worse so i went to see my doctor he told me it was some kind of std, most likly hepes. he sent me to have all the std tests done and every thing came back negitive, then it was brought to my attention that a herpes test cannot be done via a blood test and had to be done with a swab of the infected area. i then went to an dermatiologist and was told that it wasnt hepedic it was more irritation. i then voice concern wiht my dr that i might have hiv which he rolled his eyes and mentioned to me to go to local community center and get hiv test, which i did and it came back negitive. the test was the finger ***** and i waited 20 mins.

fastforward to 2008 i started to get bumps on my penis again along with a white creamy substance on my tounge which i thought it was oral thrush, i saw my dr and he basically told me i was nuts. so i changed drs. and my current dr said if i was tested and i was negative then there is nothing to worry about. i still did becasue the white stuff on my tounge was still present. i again went for a hiv/aids test in june 08, that too came back negitive. so i was releived but now the white stuff on my tounge is back and its worse that ever. and im fearful that it is thrush and i was told by someone who has aids that once you get thrush it normally means you have the end stages of aids. i dont present with any sypmtoms like weight loss, night sweats, vomit, dry cough, or lesions, but my lymph nodes have gotten swollen in my groin and in my neck as recent as last week, and the bumps on my penis are back as well.

after all this my question is should i really be worried since ive had soo many conflicting information provided to me, or should i just go with the fact that ive been tested for everything std wise and all as come back negitive, and the fact that ive been with the same woman for 4 years and she hasnt presented any symptoms? im really scared mainly because of the white stuff in my mouth that i can scrape off and now have noticed instead of just on my tounge its on the side of my mouth and it looks like little white heads ? please help !!!
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If you are worried about your past sexual activity having given you HIV, you may put that fear to rest. You have had a number of HIV tests, all of which have come back as negative. This would lead me to conclude that you do not have HIV.

The way the test works is this. You have unprotected sex (vaginal or anal - oral sex and kissing are not a risk for HIV transmission). You become worried about it at some point, so, after the CDC recommended waiting period (currently 3 months), you go in for a standard antibody test. If the test comes back negative, and you had no other risk in that 3 month period, you are conclusively negative. No need for another test at that point, because you do not have HIV. If you come back positive, you are still not conclusively positive. Instead, your blood is used in a Western Blot test. If that test is negative, you do not have HIV. If it is positive, you are considered HIV positive.

But, the simple fact of the matter is that all of your tests came back negative. Congratulations! That must be a relief. If you and your girlfriend have been monogamous, then you cannot possibly have HIV, and thus whatever is troubling you now is not related to HIV in any way, shape or form. And, just for the record, if you were in the late stages of HIV progression, otherwise know as AIDS, you would certainly know it - you would not have to sit and wonder if you were or not. It isn't a subtle thing.

Good luck on figuring out what is ailing you. Take care of yourself.
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Thank you for the support and info. everyone in my life is ready to kill me because of my worries. I have driven my mother, father, step mother and father, along with my girlfriend nuts over the past year. it just seems funny ( or curious ) that almost 10 years after my first encounter with the former clap patient i started getting sick. i was eventually diagnosed with diverticulitus, which have been told that can cause the lymph nodes to swell in various parts of the body but mainly in the groin region. i guess the fact that my former doctor came right out and said i had a std, its been stuck in my head regardless of what the test results say.

im now just very worried about the white stuff on my tounge and inside cheek, and again i was told that if you thrush ( which from every symptom checker to picture ive seen, it seems that i do have it ) you have the end stages of HIV and age begining the AIDS stage of the disease. still i worry even though the last two tests ( the 10 min finger ***** test ) have been negative, im going to make a apointment with my dr anyways just to see what he says. 1 more question though is it true that the only way to truely find out if you have herpes is to have the area in question swabed while they are full of fluid ?? thats was what i was told by a ER doctor, blood tests dont determine a herpes infection.

and lastly i wouldnt give it much thought if i was single but im not i have met the woman im going to marry and i have a little family of pets with her and that is who and what i worry about. again if i was single it wouldnt bother me much and i would go in peace, she is the only reason i stress.
again thanks for the help and i hope its right and i hope to post again soon with a reslut of what in the world is going on with my tounge and mouth.
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Thrush is not HIV or AIDS specific.
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thanks teak. i understand that a few things can cause thrush, i guess it was the mind set that i have been in for a while, and still am. maybe im nuts. i do have a few questions if you dont mind.

1. are the 10 min tests very reliable, i know it may sound dumb considering that the fda approves of them.
2. if i did have HIV/AIDS would i have constant bloody nose episodes?
3. is Thrush more common in the morning when you wake as opposed when your eating and drinking.
and lastly
4.  is it true that the only way to find out if you have hepes is to have the affected area swabed, and not blood tested?

sorry if im being a pain i just dont really trust what i read on the net and from other comments/ threads it seems as if Teak, and Xhost are very knowledgable and comforting at that the same time. thanks agian and i look forward to a response !
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1. yes
2. no
3. you get thrush is doesn't go away during the day or night
4. visual check, swab, plus a blood test will tell you if you have herpes.
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Thank you very much for clearing that up for me. im going to the dr tomorrow 1/8 and i hope to have good news. and i will relay to all...... that is if anyone cares !! LOL
and again thank you soo much for your reassurance.
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went to the doctor and was advised that i have. Geographic tongue, also known as benign migratory glossitis, erythema migrans, or continental tongue.
he doubts if very much that i have HIV or AIDS. his only concern is that my lymph nodes are swollen in my groin for no apperent reason. WOW what a relief!!
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