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showing HIV symptoms

I used to come to this forum many months ago, cuz i thought i caught HIV due to the symptoms i was having, i now know they were due to herpes and not hiv. Now with the dumbest luk in the world am back scared as ever. The prob is i recently had a condom failure with a girl and since then i've been getting the very same symptoms, except fever. Soar throat, muscle and joint pains, headaches, neck pain and one gland in my neck swollen for a couple days. i also got a diahorrea for one day but it may or may not be connected to this. Here's the thing, the girl also has herpes but due to the fact that i already have antibodies for it i shouldn't be gettin those symptoms which have been going on for 2 weeks now. So its not herpes, then what cud it be!!! Am really afraid. What else cud cause those symptoms?
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I dont know. How about some of the same ailments that caused those symptoms way before HIV was ever around?
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Look its definitely an STD cuz my symptoms started right after the incident. And not many STD's have these sympyoms. Herpes, Hepatitis, HTLV and syphilis i think. The thing is she got tested for those the same month she stopped seing the cheating guy she was with. So it only leaves HIV i think
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OK, if you are dead set on hiving HIV then go ahead and believe it. Im not gonna say anything else other than that your symtoms are caused by so many other things and its pretty easy to catch the flu or anything else shortly after having sex. For example, I sleep with a woman that has mono and 2 weeks later I get symptoms, do i have HIV? Nope but i probably have mono.

Go get tested at 6 weeks anyway and again after 12 weeks.
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Look i will obviously take the test but you have to understand that i have an excrusiatingly long wait and so until then i need to find out my chances.
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the hiv infection chances are here read them.

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Thanks for the info but it doesn't include the fact that genital herpes increases those risks and i have it. What i want to know is how much increased are my chances due to herpes
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It depends if you had and outcome of herpes, if it was latent at the time the risk are the same that without herpes.
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Now am almost sure i have the virus. yesterday i started heving constant intense headache to the point where i couldn't do much followed by night sweats. What the heck is goin on!!!! What else could cause this. I still have pains all over.
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Sounds to me like you are extremely stressed out and anxious over this whole thing. headaches and night sweats arent indication of HIV. I get headacjes and mild night sweat when my anxiety flares up. Try to relax or go to the doc and get some meds to mellow you out until you can get a reliable test. The chances you contracted HIV are so low.
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Thousands of things could cause your symptoms, the go from cold, flu, to cancer, so dont try to link them whit hiv, and they are mostly due to your stress, anxiety and depression.

the only way to know is someone is infected is getting tested, forget about symptoms.
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my partner got the test 2day and results take a week. her last boyfriend was over 4 months ago so i will find out if its hiv or not, until then i don't know how to relax. Why am scared is she already tested neg for syphilis,hep and htlv. hsv was pos, however i already had it to so it can't be hsv. so wat else is there and its not the flu.
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It could be anything man, there are lots of germs to catch out there and HIV is a very rare one. Plus your obviously have bad anxiety over the whole thing which can have a physical affect on your body, trust me on that one because I actually have anxiety and have for a long time. It can cause all kinds of weird symptoms.
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