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some assistance would be appreciated

I have posted on the drs forum but thought i would ask in here for your advice to ease my current anxieties!

I have huge anxieties over HIV and yet put myself into positions where it is possible to be exposed to the disease. this aspect of my life i am working on? Recently whilst travelling through the middle east i went with a chinese pro*****te. I recvd a hand*ob from this person for approximately 20-30 secs. A condom was then placed on me by her and or*l performed for approximately 20-30sec. Condom remained on and hand*ob completed with condom still on. The lady did touch herself briefly also. Minor exposure i believe however, i have had some significant symptoms since. I had a tight stiff neck within 2 days. (incident is now 2 weeks old) I have a feeling of swallen glands in my neck, under my arms (armpits are sore) and groins (sore groins also) My muscles are aching in the back of my arms (triceps) my chest muscles are sore and having slight twitches, i have a slight sore throat and a persistent cough (frog in my throat) I have had slight sweats (lasting only 10-15 secs) but no fever. My joints are aching and my back is stiff. I have had a slight headache on and off for a couple of days and minor cramps in my stomach.
Is there a chance i have exposed myself and contracted HIV through this incident! I have been to a GP here who has stated that all of my glands are normal and that he can feel them around my neck etc but not in anyway where it is out of the norm. He is not an expert in HIV however hence i have sort some more opinions to be sure. Would you get tested in this situation. Thankyou for taking the time to address my concerns.
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anxiety CAN cause physical symptoms.  relax...you NEVER had a risk.
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Thanks Lizzie, appreciate the advice. Do you think it is the anxiety casuing these symptoms then?? I am just very worried about this. Crazy i know!
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hiv is transmitted through...
unprotected vaginal/anal intercourse
sharing iv drug works
mother to child

NOTHING that you have described put you at risk and testing is not warranted.
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