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(sore throat and tiredness) please help!!!

hi, i had protected vaginal intercourse with a sex worker  .. there was some kissing ,no oral sex  but i had a small open(5 hours old) cut on my finger ..i was touching the condom briefly during the intercourse to make sure that the condom didnt break ...the condom was wet .. so um jus worried if i had contracted anything from it.. two weeks afer the exposure am having  sore throat ,mild head ache and tiredness(flu like ) ,no fever or any rash .. am sure that the condom didnt break cuz i finished it inside the condom and i made sure that there werent any leaks aftr i ejaculated  .its 15 days post exposure shall i go for the pcr dna test? jus worried or a duo test would be encouraging?
1)is there any chance for me to get infected with hiv (open cut )
2) can sore throat with tiredness alone be a symptom of ars?
3)is there any chance to get hiv if my penis was exposed to the vaginal fluids while removing the condom?(i pulled the condom rather than rolling it :( )
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1. No
2. No
3. No
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No HIV risk at all. Your symptoms are more than likely anxaity relaited.
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thanks for the replies guys.. jus want know about the severity of the ars symptoms in general .. severe ars symptoms?? !} fever is >101' with a rash and sore throat??? and how about the mild ars symptoms?? is it a low grade fever in the mild ones? some say that they go unnoticed?? its summer here in the uk n m wonderin why i got sore throat at this time :( n jus after two weeks of ma risky act i got this sore throat ..:( i do feel tired may be  thats cuz of my anxiety.... will negative duo test at 3 weeks wud b encouraging?? il get another one done at 4 to be conclusive ..
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As you were told you didn't have a risk so you are not going to have ARS. You don't need any testing for a no risk issue.
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