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starting to face the facts not test

I had unprotected sex with a female ive been dating for a couple weeks the first time use a condom it broke, second time used a condom it broke again. The next time we met she gave me her std/hiv test results they where negative and mine where to so the third and fourth time where unprotected. Everything was going great then I found out she cheated with her ex unprotected :(  

Week 1 fill fine, week 2 the same,week 3 same but throat hurts a lit week4 the worst sore throat of my life with tongue/month ulcers no appetite, dry cough like crazy and yellow mucus with diarrhea off and on tired went to the er dr said  viral pharyngitis..... gave me meds and it all cleared in a week but now I still have loose stool and reacurring ulcers and my tongue is crazy looking giraffe tongue and it hurts and looks hairy and yellow marks,no appetite till this day and its week 10/11 I got tested 4 weeks and it was negative she got tested 3time at 6 weeks after she cheated negative but one of the test the back round didnt clean but it said negative but they redid it to make sur and I took another test at 7 weeks negative ....all test where the insti 60 second test and she has a crazy coughing but other wise fine we stop talking and having sex ,my symptoms all say hiv especially the tongue ulcers and the weird tongue that hurts google says its happens durring ars
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I have pic of my tongue in my profile dont know how to put them in my post
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So you have not tested any?
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I tested a week after last exposure and 4weeks after last exposure and 7 weeks after last exposure all where negative ...she tested at 6weeks 3 time one the back round didnt clear but it showed negative and the tester did it again to make sure
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Around 9weeks till now my tongue is all crazy looking and I had mouth ulcer just on my tongue and everything say its from an hiv infection....I have pics in my profile plz look im going crazy
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A 7 week test is unlikely to change in the future.  Test again at 3 months for a conclusive result and expect a negative.
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Is the on going symptoms and crazy tongue hiv symptom the internet has it *** and viral pharyngitis as ars
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