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stomach pain + sore throat = HIV?

I had unprotected anal sex last week (i was the one on top/giver). Two days after, I had this dry cough. Now, it's officially 6 days after my sexual experience and I still have the cough, some colds, and a weird stomach pain (a bloated feeling/muscle cramps feeling). Also, I noticed 2 white bumps on the side of my tongue, on both sides (both sides both have 2 bumps each).

I am worried that this may be HIV. Is it possible to get these symptoms this early? I need your answers. Thanks
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Thanks. That really helped me a lot. I don't know if I'm also suffering from hiv anxiety since i've been searching a lot on the web for symptoms and the like. Also, just now, I have these red bumps under my tongue, which hurt when my tongue touches it. This happened after taking a lot of lozenges because of my sore throat. Now I'm really scared. Do these red bumps mean something?
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Chook110607 is correct. If you contracted HIV you wouldn't have sero-converted that fast. And if/when you do it's more like having a severe flu, not really the symptoms you've described.

Good luck and get tested.

All the best to you.
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If one has ars they happen  2-4 weeks after exposure and last 1-2 weeks.  ypu can take an antibody test at six weeks for a good indication followed by a three month antibody test for a conclusive result. Please use condoms in the future!! Sex lasts minutes. Hiv lasts a lifetime.
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