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stress or HIV

4 months back I had one unpotected blow job . I was very much fine till I read " unprotected blowjob can transmit HIV " in one of the web forums . Since I read that ... I am going throuh lot of mental and physical stress. Head aches , tunny nose , muscle pain in legs , sore throat , weight loss instead of good appetite , pain n neck These are the symptos I have from past 6 to 7 months ....

I am very very imaginative ...always thinking abt what happens to my family ...society ....all the bull **** ..making me to feel like dying ....

please help me to get -out of this situation ....
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sry its 7 months back ..I had this unprotected blowjob :((((
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As you were told in your first post at no time were you at risk of contracting HIV.
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I didn't get ur question .  I have taken a unporotectd blow job . Some of the websites says that " thru moth also HIV can be transmitted"

since then ... I am terrified ... And imagining lot of  badthings ... Lot of if ... Else. Thngs going in my mind ...
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though these websites say that UNPROTECTED blow job is a risk.....but has it ever said that any one has become infected with UNPROTECTED BJ....NO.

Unprotected ORAL SEX IS NOT A RISK.....u r fine....
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