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stupid , took the risk, what can i expect?


I like to tell my story because its eating me now for 5 weeks and i like to hear if there is a change that i have contracten HIV from the expert on this forum. I am a male 34 years old. Before always negative tested.

Stupid as i was i took a sexual worker in Accra, Ghana to my room about 5 weeks ago.
The blowjob i received was (really stupid) without condom. The vaginal intercourse after was with condom. No anal intercourse.

Direct 2 days after the contact i started to sweat during the day and night for a couple of days.  And beside that i had some diarrhea which continued for a week. Also i had a burning feeling with peeing but no discharge. This burning feeling stayed for a week till treatment.

After a week i went to the medical clinic back home and i received treatment for gonorroe and chlamydia.
The burning  symptoms disappeared for a couple of days but after playing with myself it came back.

A week later( 2 weeks after contact) i did a Full STD test with HIV1, HIV2 and P24 Antigen. Results for all STD's except Herpes Simplex 1gG where negative. The value of the HIV test was 0,23 (can be good till 0,9)

Than 3 weeks after contact i had a kind of sour throat feeling but not annoying. Had also sometimes the feeling of stuffiness. 4 Weeks after contact i started to have night sweat. And for a couple of days my neck was pain and the lymph nodes in my neck where also thick. This disappeared, Now for the last few days i.m. facing some night sweat, still a sour throat and some dry cough.

Yesterday i went to the medical clinic to do again a full test and they figured out the my prostate was infected. So i am using now Doxycycline.

The results will be ready at Friday. But as you maybe can understand the last few days where not so good with night rest etc. Its eating me how i could be that stupid.

What can i expect? To prepare myself a little bit for this day.

Thank you in advance!  

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"i like to hear if there is a change that i have contracted HIV from the expert on this forum." What do you mean by a change, did you post about this before?
No worries, because you can't get hiv from oral activities. Studies of infected people in an oral sex relationship or who have kissed have proven that the negative partner doesn't get hiv. HIV is effectively instantly dead in air plus also dead in saliva, and the person`s mouth always has those 2 hiv killers in it protecting the negative person from getting hiv via oral activities. Blood and cuts would not be relevant since the hiv has become effectively dead, so you don't have to look for them to be sure that you are safe.
You can't get hiv when you use a condom, so no worries about the vaginal either. Therefore the clinic is wasting your time and making you anxious when they did another hiv test - in answer to your question, you are guaranteed a negative hiv result so you should move on from hiv fears today.
Also just work with the clinic to make sure your prostrate infection clears up. " ..they figured out the my prostate was infected. So i am using now Doxycycline."

Ignore my first post about what do you mean.  I figured out the answer to my question; you meant to say chance, but wrote change by mistake.
Thank you very much for your extensive explanation! Its really helping me!  And sorry for my error in the text indeed it had to be chance.
Good day,

First of all thank you for the help!
I got the results back from the HIV test and it was negative. Think a lot of symptoms came from the stress.
3 months later i will do an another test to closure the 100%
Of course it is negative, there was no risk so there can't be any hiv to test for. Why don't you see a therapist about this unwillingness to accept the science instead of putting your life on hold for no reason while worrying for 2 more months? That is a lot of pain for you to go through, for nothing.
The hiv science is 40 years old but you are not believing it for some reason, and the effect is you suffer in fear every day over an impossible and therefore imaginary issue.
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Thank you very much for your extensive explanation! Its really helping me!  And sorry for my error in the text indeed it had to be chance.
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