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superficial wounds hiv trasmission?

Was getting fitted for a hair piece. My scalp was washed with an abrasive sponge and caused a few small wounds in my scalp. Very tiny amount of bleeding. A small paint brush was used to put glue on my scalp for the hair piece. If that same brush was used on another person and if that person also had a bleeding scalp, could hiv be transferred to the small cuts on my head? Are superficial wounds pathways for hiv if they come into contact with contaminated materials? Thanks for any feedback.
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HIV is unable to survive on inatimate objects or exposed to air. Therefore even if the guy whose hair was getting glued on before yours had some cuts and scrapes on his skull (which is not at all likely) then you still would have no risk for HIV. The only way you would have an HIV risk is if you engaged in unprotected anal sex with this man or if you shared drug injection needles with each other. Since you didn't do that, you had no risk.
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This is not an HIV concern at all. The infection is never transmitted through objects.
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Thank you for the feedback. Is this true even if the object was possibly contaminated? I apologize if I sound ignorant, I'm really not sure how hiv is transmitted as a blood borne pathogen in the environment.
You will never get HIV from an object - an object cannot become contaminated with HIV that is infectious.

Do not have unprotected anal or vaginal sex with someone of unknown HIV status, and do not share intravenous drug needles, and you will NEVER have to worry about HIV.

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