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swollen face and genitals

HI Folks,

Two weeks ago I had unprotected vaginal with the girl I 've been seeing. We both spoke about our health a few months ago and said she was clean.. I have a episode of extremely itchy genitals and face. Both were swollen and I was put on steroids for what my Dr thought was an allergic reaction to mother nature. Been a few days and I can't touch any part of my body now with breaking out into a rash and itching like crazy. Sound like any relation to hiv/stds? No fever or illness otherwise.
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heyy there,

first of all it is great that you and your partner spoke about your health conditions before the exposure, most probably she would never lie about her status.

but I will take the worst case and assume this as a risky exposure.

Symptoms are not used to diagnose HIV, only testing does though, so here it goes:

1) get an HIV Duo test at 4-6 weeks ( 99.89% accurate) or 6 weeks HIV Elisa test (95 - 98 % accurate), that will give you an idea of your status

2) follow up with a final test at 12 weeks mark with any approved test.

3) test for other STDs

and you may also test your partner, if she tested negative (and did not have exposures in the previous three months) then you are also good to go

in health and best of luck
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those "symptoms" are not hiv related.
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