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swollen gland and oral thrush

around a month ago, i woke up to the skin under my tongue hurting and red/hard, the next day my submandibular gland became swollen (very large) and it hurt to swallow. the dr. did a ct scan said they were unsure what it was. they started me on clindamycin, it started to go away almost immediatly.  the clindamycin made me sick so i had to stop it after three days.  i went to an ENT surgeon who thought it was a stone that became infected.  he suggested i be tested for c-diff (because of the stomach problems the meds had caused) it was negative but they treated anyway with Metronidazole (flagyl) for 14 days)  pn about the tenth day of it i developed oral thrush.  the dr thought it was from the flagyl, so they precribed the chlormitrol lozenges. they did not work. next was nystatin, which was a success.  well as i checked my symptoms online, ofcourse swollen glands and thrush are signs of hiv, so now im scared!  i did have unprotected sex with some partners in the past (2 - 4 yrs ago)  should i be worried about this or was it really just a chain reaction as the dr thinks?

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