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swollen glands.

Hi Doc, I would just like to let you know that I am very nervous about being infect with AIDS. I have had some sexual coarses unprotected, but I went for my medical check up last year and tested out negative so far 6 months have passed and no sign of HIV or AIDS symptoms. Unfourtnalty a swollen gland appeared under my neck 2 days ago. There is no pain when I touch it what so ever, I told my father about this and he said I had them as a child swollen glands appearing out of no where with no pain, could this be history repeating its self? Or could this be the first sign of a HIV infection? Please reply back Doc. I would appreciate it
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But I have had some unprotected sex in the past with 3 females. Could this just be the start of it?
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No one gets infected with AIDS. AIDS is a progression of HIV. Your situation is not an HIV concern see your doctor for your symptoms. You're negative.
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