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swollen lymph nodes

Hello Medhelp HIV prevention forum. I had unprotected anal intercourse Jan 15th 2008 and 10 weeks my HIV results are negative for which included HIV 2.  My concern is that my lymph nodes in neck are slightly swallon and that my lympth nodes in armpits are also slightly swallon. My question is can a person have strains of HIV but the body fight it off? The girl I had unprotected vaginal and anal intercourse (unknown status)  I am concerned only because of the swallon lymph nodes. I also believe it is slightly swallon in the groan area.
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Hi there,

If you had unprotected vaginal and/or anal sex with someone of unknown status, you are at risk if she has STI and HIV.

Signs and symptoms are not reliable indications of HIV infection and the occurrence will vary from one to another.  One cannot base on signs and symptoms to link HIV infection. The only way to know if you are infected is to do a HIV blood test.

Your 10th weeks negative test result is a very good indication of your HIV status, you should test again at 12/13 weeks for a conclusive result.  However, the result is unlikely to change.

Do not put yourself at such risk. Condoms, when used correctly and consistently, provide effective protection against some sexually transmitted infections and HIV.

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Ive had swollen nodes in my neck for a couple of months. I had a bronchial infection in January. Swollen nodes are caused by loads of things. The chances are you never notice they`re swollen unless you go `looking for them`.
  A 10 week neg is 99% accurate.
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Thank you very much for your time. I was careless with my actions and I will use better judgement next time. I will re-test but I will wait an additional month the unprotected contact was in Jan 15th and I will retest in May 15th so I dont over test. I feel that the odds are in my favor this way I can say that I tested 4 months negative. Then I can move on!  I have also tested for other std's that also became negative such as Herp virus 2 neg, Phyalis neg, Hep a,b.c negative. However I will also test again for these. Wow having unprotected sex can be costly! time consuming and cost you a fortune! further more it puts you in a state of constant "anxiety"

I will never put myself through this again! Never! Ever! Having unprotected sex has put my life at risk and has cost me a fortune!
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