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swollen lymph nodes....

Hi and merry christmas :)

5 months after having protected sex,I was thinking about HIV all the time and I developed these symptoms :

1:nullness in the head, with a severe headache that lasted for about 1 week not to mention bieng tired all the time.
2:after the headache started to cool down and get better I had a flue for about 5 days with no high fever, only sneezing and runny nose...
3:after that I felt dryness in my upper mouth and swollen lymph nodes in the right side of my neck

then I went to a doctor and he told me that I'm having a high blood pressure.....

and now  after all of that....I feel mostly ok...no tiredness...no severe headaches....although i feel it sometimes quickly and it doesnt take long......

So I'm concerned about this.....why did I have a long headache that lasted for a long time???

and what are the causes of these swollen lymph nodes?? could it be there for other causes that has nothing to do with HIV??

plz answer me...what do u think about all of these symptoms?? could it be from thinking all the time???

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have you gotten tested for hiv yet
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Reread the replies you have been give. You DID NOT have a risk of contracting HIV.
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Thanx teak I know I annoyed u with my questions but I had these new stuff happening thats why I thought I would come again and check up with u guys...thanx


No I didnt coz I'm scared.....actually I have never had sex except 2 times 5 months ago with 2 prostitutes and I tried to do it as safe as I can....I had a condom put on correctly and had the sex very quickly with no kisses no nothing....only some blowjobs with condoms on.....u think I need HIV tests???

So teak I'm really sorry this is the last question......

what are these symptoms I had ???  are they clear symptoms of hiv or could be something else ?

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See a doctor if your are concerned about your symptoms. They have nothing to do with HIV.
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Thanx teak...appreciate it man


No after the sex I was fine till last 2 weeks....wich was after the sex in about 5 months

where I suddenly had this headache that was followed by a flu and high blood pressure

does it make a differance?
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I had H1N1 once me and my brother...at a time really near to that intercoures I had with that prostitute....

I just cant remember was it before or after :(

Now I'm worried if that flu I had these days had something to do with that sex I had, I know I didnt have a risk but I'm tired of thinking....my H1N1 tests for me and my bro turned positive
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you have been assessed as not having a risk for contracting hiv.  you have also been told that whatever "symptoms" you are having are NOT hiv related.

kindly move on as this forum has nothing left to offer.
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