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swollen lymph nodes

hey guys
the lymph nodes under my jaw have been swollen since august 7 but today i noticed that my right occipital lymph node was swollen and hurting. its been about 22 days since that possible exposure i posted about last time.

i was looking online for what my swollen nodes could beand i came across this post in the forum:

this is what one of the responses was:

The following conditions should be considered if palpation of lymph nodes reveals abnormalities:
    * Submental and submandibular lymph nodes: oral or dental infection;
    * Preauricular lymph nodes: viral illness, lymphoma, Romana syndrome (trypanosomiasis), or cat-scratch fever;
    * Posterior auricular lymph nodes: toxoplasmosis or measles;
    * Occipital lymph nodes: HIV infection; etc...

is that response for occipital lobes for real? because the moment i saw that my heart stopped.

I also had another question... if someone were experiencing a true case of acute HIV infection, would all the symptoms hit at once? or would it be gradual? im definitely planning on getting tested asap but at only 22 days my results probably wouldnt be reliable, would they?

thanks a lot for the help
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i also wanted to ask about what proportion of people would actually get ARS symptoms if they had HIV infection and if those cases are always severe or can they be mild to the point of being unnoticed?
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i know the doc already answered my question but i dont think i was clear when i explained what happened that night. the ladyboy was rubbing her semen all over my penis, including the head and urethral opening. it was basically getting massaged into my peehole for a few minutes before i was able to go take a **** and wash. That is the main reason why im so concerned because i dont think that could really be considered mutual masturbation. It all happened so fast that all that semen was very fresh when i came in contact with it. I also had some irritated bumps near my urethral opening at the time but they werent really open sores... not sure if that makes a difference. i know u see countless cases of people being afraid and looking for reassurance but please understand im so scared and regretful i dont know where else to turn to.
thanks and sorry for being a nuisance
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