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swollen lymph nodes

I know you all probably get asked this a lot, but I just need some peace of mind. I recieved unprotected anal sex about 5 weeks ago. Last week the lymph nodes in my neck got swollen and a few days later I got some kind of flu-like virus (fever, sore throat, body aches, chills) and it went away after a few days. Now after a week my lymph nodes in my neck are still swollen, and I just noticed that the lymph nodes in my groin seem to be swollen.

Could the lymph nodes in my groin swell from this virus I had or does this sound like symptoms of HIV? I'm probably just being paranoid but I'd like some opinions. The lymph nodes aren't sore or tender at all, just swollen.
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Thanks for the responses. This person assured me they had been tested and were clean, but these symptoms are a bit unsettling.
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I'm very clean but I've been positive over 27 years. You can never take anyones word as to their status.
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Teak, you mean that you are HIV+?
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Of course I'm positive. Now don't be hijacking crazysilence's thread.
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Thanks Teak. I don't know if you'd know, but does that sound like a typical HIV infection response? Brief illness and swollen lymph nodes? are there other viruses that could cause a similar response?
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Thousands of viruses and bacterial infections have the same symptoms. HIV has no specific symptoms.
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