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swollen lymph nodes

just seems to keep popping up everywhere around my neck.. I have got occasional neck pain, and generalise lymph node pain. I have body ache too, and my armpit feel sore today as well as my back/leg. I must have got the most worrying symptoms here. Its now week 8 after exposure, my symptoms started at around day 5(fever). Is it too long for ars? Maybe I got some aggressive strain. I have experience many other symptoms too, including a white tongue, and some on and off lump in throat sensation and warm/hot skin(hot flash) or maybe even intermittant low-grade fever sometimes during the late afternoon hrs(37.2-37.4) etc, just to name a few. Anyway, I am strong today, I know there is a real chance that I was infected, but no use to scare of it all day long, I will accept my unfortune and just have fight it off everyday.
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Go tested and then report back. Good LUCK! Enough time has passed for an accurate test.
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If it makes you feel less worried, your symptoms do not sound like ARS. 5 days is too quick (it normally takes 2-4 weeks) and ARS fevers last 1-3 weeks, are not low grade (100
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My risk is low though. Brief nake genitals rubbing/masturbation/ejaculation (frottage), and body massage/sliding/licking. I think my real risk was from my acnes/pimples on my back. They were everywhere and could be freshly broken during the massage, whereas the sex worker has licked/rubbed my body with her nude tongue/body on several occasion. If there's blood on her mouth/tongue/body, I could possibly be infected.
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Gosh. Then you should leave this forum and get your neg result.
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Hi Kimoz,

I'd be very surprised if there are any documented cases of HIV transmission in this way. Even with needle stick injuries on health workers where there is HIV+ blood in the needle, the risk is estimated at around 0.3%. Your risk would be considerably lower than this and assumes that the SW was HIV+ and that she was bleeding in some way and that she bled openly into broken pimples. All of this is very far-fetched and is your mind playing games with you.

Calm down and try and think clearly about the facts. The bottom line is that you have had a low/no risk exposure. For peace of mind, it would probably be advisable to test with the great likelihood that you are HIV negative...

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You've posted about this before, and I told you that your self-diagnosis of swollen lymph nodes was most likely mistaken and that HIV-related lymphadenopathy is non-tender, i.e., there is no pain.

Besides, you had a zero risk exposure. I don't care HOW bad your acne is.

Since you obviously don't believe the feedback you've been getting here, just get a simple rapid HIV antibody test. It will undoubtedly be negative.

And get counseling, either from your doctor or a therapist, to deal with the irrational HIV anxiety.
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